Have hope: there's still demand for quality journalism!

By Hybrid

Carving out a career in journalism has never been easy. Even before the emergence of the internet (this author started dialling-up in 1992), competition among insightful, professionally-minded writers was fierce.

In 2017, the world of journalism has changed so that it isn't recognisable by our parents' generation. The transition from print to electronic has created a new industry from the old, and those working in it have had to be metamorphic.

Cynics point to clickbait, fake news and the decline of attention spans as symptoms of the same thing: that quality, absorbing, intelligent work has no place in today's world.

So, is it really true? Is what journalists craft now dictated by simple-minded readers whose fingers are poised impatiently over a 'Next' button?

We know it's not true. Our people are first-rate journalists producing work of the highest quality, every day. Work that stands alone, but is commercially viable in this new industry.

Our journalists win accolades, recognition and prizes. One of our reporters, Azim Idris, has recently been awarded a Jefferson Fellowship by the prestigious East-West Center, which involves a three week study and reporting tour around Hawaii & the Asia Pacific region. His great work for us on the Asian Correspondent site has been recognised for its quality and depth of understanding.

Every day, millions see and consume our content. And this being 2017, those readers engage, share and explore. Like you, our audience are upwardly mobile, intelligent and inquisitive.

Our readers know quality when they see it, and that's what we provide to them. That's where you come in.

We're recruiting for the best writers for our Kuala Lumpur office. If you want to be a part of the cutting edge of journalism and have the talent to stand out from this world blighted by click-bait, we want to hear from you.

To apply for any of the roles discussed in this article, please contact Corey in the first instance, either by email or call him directly on 0117 244 3183.